Robust and mobile

The vibratory plates of the WPP range are the powerful pros for compacting asphalt and interlocking paving stones, as well as the compaction of mixed soils in very confined spaces. The robust construction means that they are perfectly suited for continuous operation in the construction of paths and by horticultural and landscape design professionals, for instance for the compaction of gravel/sand beds of sidewalks, roads and parking lots. Thanks to the integrated transport roller with its unrivaled stability, the vibratory plates of the WPP range can be maneuvered easily and effortlessly to the precise location, even on hot asphalt. The WPP range includes models with and without water tank.
  • The special contoured base plate and varied control points give excellent maneuverability. Unrivaled stability even with side operation.
  • Easily accessible gas remote control for safe and easy starting and stopping of the device.
  • Robust, low-maintenance design ensures a long service life: A sturdy frame protects the engine. It has a hard-wearing V-belt, and the ductile graphite iron base plate is highly wear resistant.
  • Water tank: removable without tools, therefore easy to fill. Equipped with two filters and a large captive tank cap.
  • Spraying system: Optimum water distribution over the whole width of the base plate; automatic flow control only when vibrating.

The sturdy frame also permits side operation.Robust integrated transport roller gives excellent mobility.

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